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AA Studio Kombiko Some Exhibition Stands Not Delivered

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Letter from the German exhibition.
We have received several complaints and we would like to inform the exhibition.
We would like to inform the exhibition. Some Participants exhibiting in Germany, exhibitors participated in Hanover Frankfurt Dusseldorf exhibitors which are have booked the exhibition stand by the contractor AA Studio kombiko Poland, the stand was not constructed.
Those exhibitors prepaid their exhibition stands and their projects was canceled just before the exhibition opening.
Exhibitors that have prepaid their stands have been left without the construction.

AA Studio Kombiko left our company without supplying the exhibition stand Construction.
Aa Studio Kombiko wrote us over mail, fourteen days before the fair they may no capabilities to make the exhibition stand. We need to find another Construction Company.
The stand building was confirmed from our side 8 weeks before, we signed binding agreement and prepaid 50% advance payment.

Unfortunately they was no time any further to find a solution to build our stand and we had to cancel our exhibition business presentation.
AA studio was banned from working in some European exhibitions.

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